About us

‘Lily Moon’ is developed for women to feel secure about themselves, love themselve and to be proud of their bodyshape’ – Lisa

Me, (Lisa, creator of Lily Moon), I’ve always had one mission: to help and motivate women having a healthy body and to feel comfortable in their skin. With this mission in my mind I created my online platform @lisavancuijk. Now, 4 years later, In Love With Health belongs to one of the biggest health platform in the Netherlands! I’ve helped over 80.000 women having a healthier and slimmer body and getting back their selflove and inner peace. Part of my mission is completed now so it’s time to take the next step. To help women shine from the outside! That’s when Lily Moon was born.

During a hard, sweaty workout I was looking around and I was missing one thing at the gym: sportswear that emphasizes the shape of a womans body and also keeping it in shape. Suddenly my biggest dream came across my mind again. A sportswear line! Not just a normal line, but a clothingline with sportswear where women feel secure about themselves while wearing it and with that they will love their body again, despite of what type of bodyshape they have. My mission was extending: I do not only want to make women shine from the inside, but also about their appearance!

Lily Moon is a sportswear line for every type of woman. While wearing my sportswear I want you to feel beautiful, because every body is gorgeous and worth loving! It doesn’t matter if you will wear it to the gym, while hanging on the couch or just go to whatever you’re going, I guarantee you that you will feel comfortable and secure in any Lily Moon outfit. The sportswear is made of fine and solid material and because of that it fits perfectly. The colours are neutral, so that it will match with every skin type and so you can wear it in combination with everything you want. Pastel shades are like the typical colours of Lily Moon, so you will find these colours back in the clothing! Love your body. That’s what I want you to learn while wearing Lily Moon. Because it’s not just a normal sportslegging, top or sweater. The Lily Moon collection is made with love and I want to pass that love to you while wearing it.

You’re probably wondering why I choose the name Lily Moon. Well, like you know about me, selflove is my message to the world. For me it’s very important that women love themselves. This was my inspiration to give my line a meaningful name.

Lily:”The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud, the deeper and thicker the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms”.

Lily stands for water lily, a lotus flower. The lotus flower symbolizes life. A lotus flower needs mud and light. It nestles in mud underwater and grows very powerful to the light to show it’s beauty. The mud stands for life full of struggle and imperfections. The lights stands for love and warmth. Because of this ‘water’, ‘mud’ and ‘light’ you will grow to become a magnificent person! I want to pass this love and warmth to you while wearing the clothes and with that I hope that you will find the power to grow and be the person you desire to be.

Moon:”The moon doesn’t consider one phase better than another; she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different?”.

The moon stands for something powerful. I hope you will find that strenght in yourself and show it while wearing Lily Moon. It begins with love and with Lily Moon I hope you can look at yourself with only pride! Also the moon has different shapes and phases. But despite all the shapes and phases it will keep shining and giving light. Just like women having al types of shapes, I hope that every woman embraces their shape and find the power to shine like the moon! And last but not least. My second name is Maria. Lisa Maria. The same initials as Lily Moon and that was another reason for me to choose this brandname!

Of course I want you to feel happy in Lily Moon! If that’s the case, my mission has been accomplished!

Lots of love, Lisa